Pi Bar Valencia Street San Francisco

How do you search online for this place?

Scooting to the train  today made me think about the name of this place on Valencia Street in San Francisco. They make pizza, so the name is a sort of geeky pun. It’s called Pi Bar and here’s their website. As I scooted past I thought (in a not so sort-of geeky way) how does one type that name into a search engine? There is no Pi key on a keyboard. How do you know what this place is? How do you figure out if you want to go there. It’s like if these people wanted to have the worst search engine optimization (SEO) strategy in the world, they got it. But so what… sometimes you got to go with personality and being unique. Pi is probably not a good name for a web -based business… but for a local pizza place that’s going to live and thrive by word of mouth, who cares about search engines?

BTW, I’m thinking of bugging out of work early today and stopping in for a beer. It looks really good inside.

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